For Retailers

Dear Retailer, 

Welcome to the MonVes website 🌟

We are looking forward to get to know you and your fabulous store! 
Our MonVes Jewellery are present in various Retailers around Europe, and we offer different kind of deals with stores depending on their needs. 

Currently we have an account for wholesale on both: 

- Ankorstore: MonVes Handmade Jewellery  (100€ FREE voucher for first order!)

- Creoate: MonVes Handmande Jewellery (20% OFF on first order!)
Please, contact us via the platforms or via our chat to know more about the discounts on first orders, or if you have any other questions about doing wholesales with us. 
We are super happy at the idea of working with you!
Chiara & Mariangela