Which kind of materials do you use for your creations?
Can you explain it in detail?
Of course! The materials we use for our creations are stainless steel, silver sterling 925 and polymer clay! If you want to read about each material click here.
I am allergic to nickel, do you have nickel free components?
Yes, absolutely! While Mariangela can wear any type of jewel, Chiara is very allergic and she has to be a little more careful about what she wears. The issue of nickel allergy is our # 1 priority for this reason we always clarify in the description of the products which ones DO NOT contain nickel (most of them) and which unfortunately still do.
We are working hard to have all our products also available without nickel and guarantee allergic people the possibility to buy all our jewels. Our goal is to have all of our jewellery nickel free!
What are the shipping times? Are there any delays during the Covid-19 emergency?
All our orders are processed within 3 days of placing the order. We always send an email confirming the payment and a second email to announce that the product has been shipped. The timing may vary depending on the country of destination and on the basis of any delays caused by the Covid-19 emergency, however generally in Europe the shipment should not exceed 7 working days. Since we started our business in March 2018 we can proudly declare that NONE of our orders have ever been lost. Above all, we are here for you. Our goal is that you receive your favorite jewels in the safest and fastest way possible, so during any delays we will do our best to resolve the matter :)
How does the return work? Can I change my products
after I have received it?
Sure! If you wish to cancel the order before the shipping, we kindly ask you to let us know as quickly as possible in order to block the shipment and send the order back. To know more about any return / exchange after receiving the order, we have created this separate page "Guaranteed refund within 15 days"
For any questions, write us in chat and we will be with you as soon as possible!
Are your products heavy? Especially the dangling earrings...
Absolutely not! Our products are very light thanks to the fact that both stainless steel and polymer clay are very light materials. If you want to be 100% sure about the articles weight, in the product description you can find the jewel’s weight in grams.
An item I wanted to buy is sold out, will you do it again?
Is it possible to pre-order it?
In the event that an item goes sold-out, it is possible to pre-order it if there is the possibility of doing it again from our side. Please note that the timing for redoing items varies according to the material, the shipping timing from our suppliers and the amount of requests we receive. Some of our jewels are unique pieces, and in that case it will not be possible to reproduce it, however on the page of each product you will find information regarding pre-ordering and quantities'.
Is the gift box included?
Yes! The gift box is always included in the price. Our packages are eco-sustainable as they are made only with recycled materials.
Do you have more questions? Looking forward to hearing from you, hit the chat bot and let us know!