Meet the MonVes Team

Do you know the feeling when you find a beautiful pair of earrings that you would love to wear, but then hesitate because you are worried about your skin potentially reacting to it?

Let’s say you still buy them because you would really love to be able to wear jewelry on a daily basis. But already in the first hour, you start feeling itching and redness on your lobes, and end up disappointed as you cannot wear the earrings nor return them. 
Sounds like a familiar story? We understand very well how you are feeling!
Handmade Bracelet

For many years, Chiara didn’t wear any jewelry because she is allergic to nickel, and there were no trustworthy and affordable brands to shop from. She did not want to spend a lot of money to end up with hitchy and swollen skin, and it is always complicated to ask for refunds or to return products without a lot of hassle. 

Meanwhile, Mariangela, another jewelry lover, was dreaming about having her own brand and become a fashion entrepreneur, and at the same time help others and bring some positive change into the world.
The magic happened when she took over a old handmade jewelry business and brought Chiara on board, bringing to the birth of Monves.

Monves is a very personal name, as it comes from the combination of our Italian surnames: MONtecchiari + VESpa.

      handmade jewellery
Our materials are: Stainless Steel, Sterling Silver 925 and Fimo polymer clay
Here at MonVes we take care of the environment, being an eco-sustainable brand with a low environmental impact.

We wanted to have a unique name that nobody else could come up with, and something that would unite us even more.  

MonVes is born to provide you with handmade and stylish allergy-free jewelry that will make heads turn when you walk around. 


Our promises:

  • Our jewelry is 100% handmade so every piece is unique.
  • Everything is designed, made, packed and shipped personally by us.
  • We use sustainable materials that are allergy-free guaranteed (recycled stainless steel, surgical stainless steel, silver sterling 925). 
  • Every material is tested on us (Chiara is the perfect test subject since she is highly allergic to nickel)
  • We love to take very good care of our customers: since every skin type is different, we offer a full refund or the same product in a different material if you have an allergic reaction to our pieces within 15 days. For reference, this has happened only twice in two years and we have had hundreds of customers. 
  • We are a woman and immigrant-owned business and we only buy our supplies from fellow small businesses that can offer proof of a sustainable supply chain.
  • We are happy to help make your own vision come to life with custom orders: send us a message with your idea, and we’ll try our best to make it a reality.
  • Our customers love us! We have 5/5 customer satisfaction and always reply within 24 hours to all inquiries.

…and we do love our customers! 

We are very grateful for the community we have built around MonVes and the amazing people we have met both online and through live events.

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