MonVes tiimi

A day in Paris. 

It has been an intense, particular year.

If I had to use a color, I would choose gray.

The joys were a little half lived. Few outings, few relatives, a few days of carefree.

The pains, on the other hand, were harsh, hard.

This is why when I saw the pearls I thought “well, I'll start from here”.

I start with a classic, always in fashion, never predictable. 

Long or round pearls, double or single pearls. Pearls that relax me and make me feel beautiful immediately.

And in a moment, in my thoughts I'm in Paris. I take a cap, a lipstick, a mini Eiffel Tower and my soul is light. With these pearls, my soul is at home.

Style remains the greatest salvation of our life.

Be anything you want to be as long as it makes you happy.