Greek Summer Collection

Meet our new beautiful Greek Summer Collection 2021 inspired by the stunning beaches of the island of Crete 🏝🇬🇷

Elafonisi Dream

Have you ever been to the amazing Elafonisi beach? It's a pink beach located on the island of Crete, a place that you absolutely can't miss!

This pair of beautiful handmade earrings are inspired by the colors of its water and, as Elafonisi is a very special place, those earrings are very unique too!

It's possible to duplicate it but keep in mind that the shades of the colors will always be different for each piece. 

Preveli Set

We found out about Preveli Beach by two very lovely girls from Sweden who told us about this non-touristic, but very unique place!

A palm tree forest, an emerald river that flows into the crystal water of the Mediterranean sea, and a stunning view. 

We decided to name those earrings and the necklace after this beautiful and simple beach, just as this set of jewelry is. 

the Preveli Earrings and Preveli Necklace can be bought separately. 

Handmade Earrings         Handmade Necklace

Knossos Endless Streets

Not only we went to hang out at the beaches and enjoyed the waves, but we also visited stunning historical monuments like the Minotaur Labyrinth in the city of Knossos. 

Those beautiful handmade earrings are inspired by the endless streets of the famous labyrinth, hope you find your way out while you'll wear them!

handmade earrings

Falasarna's Waves

How amazing are the Falasarna's beach waves, so big and Majestic! 

We will never forget their sounds breaking on the beautiful shore, the cool smell of the water, and the soft sands under our feet! 

If you ever visit the island of Crete, we really recommend you to visit this stunning beach and, why not, show off your new pair of matching handmade earrings! 

handmade polymerclay earrings

Seitan Limania Earrings

Seitan Limani is the most elegant and stunning beach in Crete! 

The best part? Is a hidden beach so it is kind of an adventure to get there, but don't be afraid of the scary road, once you get there it totally worth it! 

Same for these beautiful handmade earrings, don't be afraid to match them, they are super easy to wear in summer with almost any color, especially if you head out to Greece this summer! 

Handmade polymerclay earrings

Cowry Shelly with Pearl

There are no doubts, Greece is the country of Shell, so we couldn't stop getting these Cowry Shell charms to build beautiful earrings! 

The gold matches perfectly with the shell, plus we added the pearls to give elegance to the overall look of the jewelry. How about you wear those beautiful handmade earrings next time you have a beach event this summer? 

shell handmade earrings

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Chiara & Mary